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Resilinc Awarded Patent for Supply Chain Risk Analytics & Vulnerability Maps

Resilinc Corporation announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted their patent for analyzing supply chain vulnerability metrics such as risk score and impact and presenting it via interactive maps and dashboards, using supplier intelligence collected via an efficient and networked solution and platform.

The patent and trademark office recognized Resilinc’s unique publish once, share often data collection methodology where suppliers share part level mapping once and approved customers see the parts they buy without requiring the suppliers to replicate the effort.  The patent also covers interactive charts and graphs and vulnerability maps where risk exposure is analyzed and shown and can be further explored and drilled down.  The inventors listed on the patent are Resilinc’s two founders, Bindiya Vakil and Sumit Vakil.

“Resilinc has been innovating in the field of supply chain visibility and risk management since 2010.  We took the approach that the supply chain risk problem is inherently a data problem, and by making the supplier data collection process efficient, we powered up the world’s largest and most extensive multi-tier mapping and risk analytics platform.  We’re excited to have this key patent protecting our unique and highly differentiated methodology,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc. 

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