Retailers Need to Woo Tech-Savvy Online Buyers

In the electronics industry, we talk about the omnichannel shopping experience and we often point to younger millennial buyers as pushing the trend. It turns out to be real and growing phenomenon—and to capture the hearts and pocketbooks of these lucrative customers retailers are going to have to work harder.

Today, most people have a cell phone and they know how to use it. They want to maximize their shopping experience and get what they want, at the right price, and quickly, whether they are looking for the latest electronic gadget or a big-ticket high-tech product. In July 2015, nearly 80% of online shoppers used both PCs and mobile, up from 66% in September 2013, a recent UPS Pulse of the High-Tech Online Shopper survey found.

“High-tech consumers, especially millennials, appear to be comfortable shopping on any device,” said Dave Roegge, high-tech marketing director at UPS. “These are sophisticated consumers, and we expect them to shop more online and across all devices. Retailers need to be ready to engage them online and on their own terms.”

In short, users, especially those buying high tech products, are demanding a robust mobile experience fro the retailers they use, The study, which surveyed 2,000 shoppers and was conducted for UPS by comScore, found that 69% of high-tech shoppers used mobile device to make their purchases, compared to just over half of non-techie shoppers. In July 2015, 11% of online shoppers reported using only their mobile device, up from 8% in September 2013.

These same savvy buyers were much more likely to use a retailer's mobile app as well (70% compared to 55% of non-high-tech buyers). “comScore defines a high-tech shopper as someone who purchased online a high-tech product like a computer or a mobile phone within the last three months,” the study said. 

Today, most retailers, though, are not living up to the high standards of the consumers they are trying to attract. While a majority of users (84%) said they liked their online shopping experience. When trying to use their smart phone, though, only two thirds reported being satisfied. Their laptop is still easier to use and easier to read, these buyers said.

Other interesting stats about how buyers use their smart phones:

  • 69% of high-tech shoppers researched products on a mobile device during a store visit  compared to 54% of non-high-tech shoppers
  • 76% of high-tech shoppers tracked delivery on a mobile device compared to 65% of non-high-tech shoppers.

The UPS survey also showed that high-tech-shoppers used alternative delivery options more than the average shopper with 37% asking that products be delivered somewhere other than home. Often, these shrewd shoppers are hoping to avoid theft of high-value items. By comparison, only 30% of the non-high-tech shopper asked for more flexible delivery. 

See more about the results of the survey in the infographic below. Take a look and then let us know what your customers are telling you in the comments section below. 

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