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RFMW & SANAV Announce Distribution Agreement

San Jose, CA–  RFMW Ltd. and SANAV announce a distribution relationship allowing RFMW to promote and sell SANAV products worldwide. SANAV offers both standard and custom antenna solutions for multiple markets.  

Under the agreement, RFMW will support SANAV's antenna activity, including sales of their GPS, GNSS, 4G, UHF, WiFi and MIMO antennas. With years of manufacturing experience combined with innovative design capabilities, SANAV offers antennas capable of supporting the latest technologies such as GPS/GNSS+3G, GPS/Glonass+3G+UHF,GPS+4G+WiFi, GPS+LTE- MIMO + WiFi – MIMO and so on.   

Hershey Tsai, General Manager of SANAV comments, “RFMW's strategy of providing customers with component solutions from 'antenna to baseband' makes them the ideal distributor for SANAV antennas. With our strong R&D capability, years of experience in GPS antenna products as well as GPS/GSM integration, we, along with RFMW, will continue to expand our global customer base and establish strategic relationships with business partners in GPS-related fields, including vehicle tracking & marine navigation technologies. We also offer customers a comprehensive range of RF antennas such as Combo, WiMax, WiFi, GSM, and UWB antennas.”

According to Steve Takaki, Executive Vice President at RFMW, “As RF & Microwave specialists, we're constantly reviewing the needs of our customers and finding the best companies to support those needs. SANAV's capabilities in the low cost antenna market fill a niche that complements our other suppliers. Together, we'll expand into new areas where our customers have requested our support.”

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