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Riverwood Solutions Appoints Pat Meagher to Lead New Product Realization Services Group

Dallas, TXRiverwood Solutions, the innovator in managed supply chain services and operations consulting, today announced Pat Meagher is joining the company as Executive Vice President of product realization.  Meagher will have the responsibility of leading a new group at Riverwood Solutions that integrates the full product realization lifecycle for companies.

“There's a major trend right now toward the development of new hardware products,” said Meagher.  “The problem is that most companies don't know how to get from a concept to manufacturing, and as a result the vast majority of funded products are extremely late to market and cost far more than they should to produce.  Companies often try to skip steps by not properly developing and piloting new hardware – the phase we call 'the valley of death.'

That's why we're launching the new Product Realization Services group to navigate companies through this critical phase of the development cycle.  I'm thrilled to have been selected to launch this new service at Riverwood Solutions.”

Riverwood's new Product Realization Services group has developed a proprietary product realization lifecycle platform that brings our clients' new product concepts through development and piloting to properly prepare for high volume production and scale utilizing a full spectrum of product industrialization services to help our customer through the process, from concept to fulfillment.

“The new service fills a critical gap largely absent in the market today,” said Brad Knight, CEO at Riverwood Solutions.  “By launching this new service we are providing our customers with the tools necessary to drive cost out of the supply chain and mitigate extremely consequential delays in bringing new products to market when these critical steps are skipped.  This new offering underscores our commitment to strong, effective execution of expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, and product operations.”

Mr. Meagher brings over 30 years of experience in leading global technology, product development, entrepreneurial, and business transformation organizations for a broad base of market technologies including consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, green energy, and automotive applications.  He is uniquely positioned to leverage a wide range of capabilities and long-term relationships in technology, product design, supply chain, low cost/high volume manufacturing, capital, suppliers, partners, and potential customers.  He joins Riverwood Solutions from global manufacturing services giant Flextronics, where Mr. Meagher served as CTO.

“Pat is an exceptional executive with a long history of bringing marquee products to market,” said Knight.  “With him at the helm of the new Product Realization Services, Riverwood Solutions continues to bring innovation and unparalleled operations expertise to our customers around the globe as we enter this new phase of growth.”

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