Robo-Car CTO Goes Footloose on Google

Chris Urmson, CTO of Google’s self-driving car project, has resigned abruptly without making clear whether it was just Google he quit, or the idea of autonomous cars altogether.

Urmson announced his departure Friday afternoon, and described his “journey with self-driving cars” in a post published on Medium. He wrote:

Now, 1.8 million miles of autonomous driving later, I’ve decided the time is right to step down and find my next adventure. Today will be my last day on the project as CTO. After leading our cars through the human equivalent of 150 years of driving and helping our project make the leap from pure research to developing a product that we hope someday anyone will be able to use, I am ready for a fresh challenge.

The first two obvious questions that come to everyone’s mind are: Why now, and why step down at all?  Urmson offered no hint in his blog post.

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