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Rochester Now Offers More Than 150 LSI Gate Array Families

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — Rochester Electronics, a fully-authorized manufacturer and distributor of semiconductors, has an ASIC solution that can alleviate the possibility of more system re-designs in the future.

If a design team is faced with re-design due to product obsolescence, Rochester Electronics will partner with them to ensure their solution is a viable long-term roadmap.

The Rochester Electronics design engineers can support re-design efforts with an ASIC solution that will never go obsolete and will keep internal design resources focused on higher priority projects.

“Legacy voltages and pin-for-pin replacements are not a problem for our seasoned ASIC professionals. Thanks to our extensive technology agreement with LSI Logic; we have the most proven legacy ASIC technology in the world to address customers design challenges,” said Paul Gerrish, President at Rochester Electronics.

Customers can avoid on-die voltage regulation, complex multi-die packages, or interposer technologies forced on them when older technology nodes are no longer available.

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