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Rochester Reinstates AMCC Manufacturing

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — Rochester Electronics, the world's largest authorized manufacturer and distributor of end-of-life and mature semiconductors, is providing continuing manufacturing services for more than 50 products from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation's (Nasdaq: AMCC) standard semiconductor product portfolio.

The AMCC® products include the S2004 quad serial backplane device, S2060A/D001 transmitter and receiver chips, and S2068 dual transmitter and receiver chips. The reinstated production of these components, which is completely authorized by AMCC, was accomplished through a combination of semiconductor replication and continued manufacturing.

Primarily used in networking, telecom, and connectivity applications, these standard products are ideal for the following:

  • The S2004 facilitates high-speed serial transmission of data in a variety of applications including Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, serial backplanes, and proprietary point to point links.
  • The S2060A/D001 transmitter and receiver chip facilitates high-speed serial transmission of data over fiber optic, coax, or twinax interface.
  • The S2068 dual transmitter and receiver chip is designed to provide two channels of high-speed serial data transmission over fiber optic or copper interfaces conforming to the requirements of the IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet specification.

AMCC provided its product IP and design archive databases to Rochester, enabling the continuing manufacture and distribution of authorized devices through Rochester's Semiconductor Replication Process(TM) (SRP(TM)). Rochester's sophisticated SRP combines archive identification, tear-down of sample product, process match, source-to-target comparison, detailed SPICE analysis, and testing to the original manufacturer's specifications and beyond, to exactly match the form, fit, and function of the AMCC original devices.

“It is with our permission and encouragement that Rochester Electronics provides an essential service for our customers by continuing to manufacture AMCC devices for as long as they are needed,” said Alan Sorgi, director of IP portfolio management at AMCC. “By making these critical parts available, Rochester will save OEMs the cost of having to re-design their systems or rely on suspect parts from unauthorized sources.”

“Rochester is pleased to be the contractually licensed continuing re-creation and manufacturing source of AMCC devices,” said Paul Gerrish, co-president at Rochester Electronics. “Our engineers use complex reverse-engineering techniques to re-create AMCC devices and provide a replacement that matches the original semiconductor's physical features, layer-by-layer and pin-for-pin, and is guaranteed to perform exactly as the original. Rochester's SRP is the cost-effective and time-saving alternative to system re-design when critical semiconductors are no longer available from authorized sources.”

For more information, contact Rochester Electronics at 16 Malcolm Hoyt Drive, Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950; by calling 978-462-9332; by fax at 978-462-9512; e-mail; or on the Web at

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