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Second Speaker for Minneapolis Regional Event Speakers Discusses Latest About What IoT Means for Component Industry

Atlanta, GA – ECIA is pleased to announce the final speaker for the Minneapolis area 2017 Regional Series, which will take place on Tuesday, October 3 at the Crowne Plaza Bloomington, 5401 Green Valley Drive. For hotel information, please call (952) 831-8000 or click this link

As IoT evolves and broadband capabilities increase, more products are coming online to enhance the tech-savvy homeowner's experience. A.J. Smith, vice president/general manager of Honeywell's EES Home division, will focus on what IoT means in the home today, where it is headed, and the opportunities and challenges that will likely be presented along the way.  He will especially address what the connected home industry will be looking for from electronic component suppliers as it continues to grow and expand.

The second talk will be from Mark Blais CIO and Dave Doherty, president of Digi-Key Electronics who will share their thoughts on future trends in the industry. From Alexa to drones and robotics, it is clear that technology continues to enter and change our lives at an ever increasing pace.  Noted Google futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil calls this The Law of Accelerating Returns .  One needs to look no further than the advancement in computing from early 70’s computing to mobile technology today to understand its implications.   We are experiencing an inflection point of an even greater magnitude as technology is becoming no longer an isolated experience but instead an increasingly integrated part of our everyday lives.  

“This program will be a fun and entertaining look at how the broader technology/cultural trends are impacting our industry,” commented Debbie Conyers, ECIA vice president of member engagement. “The explosion of internet connected devices means growth for the component industry. These speakers will help attendees learn how to profit, and they will have a fun evening at the same time.”

Registration is now open for the October event.  Company executives and branch personnel – along with their customers and supply chain partners – should plan to attend and enjoy a hosted social hour and dinner. The meeting provides an excellent avenue to introduce your local team to the association and area industry peers. 

ECIA thanks the following members for their guidance and assistance in planning the Regional Event: Paul Dosser, Digi-Key Electronics; Todd McAtee, Mouser Electronics; Mike Swenson, Mel Foster Company and Jason Zoubek, Stark Electronics.

Sponsors of the event include: Avnet, Digi-Key Electronics, PROS and the TTI Family of Companies: TTI, Inc., Mouser Electronics, Sager Electronics and Symmetry Electronics.

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