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SiliconExpert Adds to Toolkit

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — SiliconExpert Technologies, a leading provider of electronic component management tools, announced today the release of new inventory pricing and lead-time data to its advanced suite of tools. The new inventory data features enable engineers and buyers to make informed component selection decisions (

With pricing information integrated into SiliconExpert's database of electronic components, subscribers now have access to the most comprehensive resource for distributor pricing information. By uploading part lists to SiliconExpert's tools, users can instantly retrieve an average price across multiple distributors for thousands of parts ( The new average pricing data points allow users to save time and reduce costs by proactively estimating procurement costs.

In addition to the new part-pricing feature, SiliconExpert has integrated average inventory lead-times from distributors into its component management suite ( The new feature lets users evaluate component selection based on average lead-times of multiple distributors from a single robust interface.

“By adding lead time and average pricing data, SiliconExpert has allowed its users to gain unique insights into the market. When combined with inventory stock data from authorized distributors, these data features allow buyers & engineers to make informed procurement and component selection decisions,” says Jeff Williams, Vice President of Sales for SiliconExpert Technologies.

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