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Smart Gladiator partners with TransSolutions

Smart Gladiator is partnering with TransSolutions Inc to provide Image Enabled Supply Chain capability to any of the present and future customers of TransSolutions through their tool Loadproof ( With this capability Shippers, 3PL service providers, Transportation service providers can image enable their Supply Chain, meaning take pictures using their mobile devices anywhere and everywhere and easily append those pictures to their existing systems of record so at any point of time, the condition of the product can be photographed and uploaded to a cloud based repository. This provides a solid proof on the condition of the product, so the shippers and the receivers are ensured a piece of mind as to that the product was received in a good condition, if not there are tools in place to hold different parties accountable.

The image enabling Supply Chain has several benefits, some of them are listed below

  • Ensure better retail compliance
  • Prove that you did it right for the first time while shipping any product
  • Quicker Claims processing with pictures

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with Smart Gladiator,” says Joe Celestina, Director of Business Development for TranSolutions. “This partnership will allow our clients to seamlessly import and export data between Smart Gladiator and the TranSolutions suite of products. It will mean improved data visibility and a reduced need for data entry.”

“Partnering with TransSolutions is a significant milestone for Smart Gladiator, this partnership is a testament to the fact that the existing players recognize the need for Image Enabled Supply Chain and the benefits that come along with that” says Puga Sankara, Principal with Smart Gladiator.

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