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Smith & Associates Far East Limited Inspectors Earn CCCI-102 Certification, Bolster Smith’s Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

Smith & Associates, the largest independent distributor of electronic components, today announces the certification of its Asian hub’s inspectors to the CCCI-102 standard. The CCCI-102 program – developed by Components Technology Institute, Inc. (CTI), the creators of the strenuous Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program (CCAP-101) – was created in order to provide inspectors formal training and certification in the due diligence practices that underpin counterfeit electronic component detection and prevention.

CTI worked in collaboration with Smith & Associates to engineer this program, which provides third-party certification to inspectors employed by CCAP-101-certified independent distributors, allowing these certified distributors to take the next step in defending the supply chain against inauthentic components. The program consists of thorough training in counterfeit component detection, in addition to practical testing that scrutinizes and confirms the inspection capabilities and anti-counterfeiting knowledge of inspectors.

Smith & Associates inspectors at the company’s global headquarters in Houston underwent certification to CCCI-102 in late 2013 as the inaugural certification class of the new standard. All 31 inspectors tested received certification to Level I of the CCCI-102 program, and 3 advanced inspection personnel received CCCI-102 Level II certification. Now, Smith has taken the next step to expand the quality initiatives of its headquarters to its other operational locations worldwide, beginning with its Asian hub in Hong Kong.

All 15 of Smith & Associates Far East Limited’s quality inspectors underwent training and certification in a broad array of topics vital to the global anti-counterfeiting effort, including visual and microscopic inspection, sampling, safeguarding moisture sensitive components, and anti-counterfeiting procedures such as decapsulation, acetone, solderability, and X-ray testing. At the conclusion of the training and qualifications, all 15 inspectors earned CCCI-102 Level I certification, and 2 specialists out of these 15 also achieved certification to CCCI-102 Level II, which recognizes an advanced level of technical anti-counterfeiting expertise.

“Counterfeiters’ techniques move forward as fast as technology does,” said Cleat Kimbrough, Smith’s Vice President of Operations and Quality, Asia & EU, “and it’s up to all of us in the industry to stay ahead of them. Through due diligence, deep awareness, and constant study and focus on this vital topic, companies can make a difference in the supply chain. Smith works to play a key role in helping to combat counterfeiters worldwide, and the expanding education of our inspectors will play a major part in the continuous improvements of our capabilities.”

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