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SMSC’s ICC Licensed by Nvidia

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — SMSC (NASDAQ: SMSC), a leading semiconductor company creating valued connectivity ecosystems, announced today that NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) has licensed SMSC's patented Inter-Chip Connectivity™ (ICC) technology.

ICC enables the USB 2.0 protocol, which is now standard in billions of electronic devices, to be delivered over short distances consuming a fraction of the power of a traditional USB 2.0 analog interface while retaining 100 percent software compatibility with an analog USB 2.0 connection. The High Speed Interconnect (HSIC) specification (an addendum to the USB 2.0 specification) incorporates ICC technology. Where applicable, such as in portable applications, the ICC technology dramatically decreases power consumption and silicon area compared to an analog USB 2.0 interface.

Using its ICC license with SMSC, NVIDIA can develop devices that are designed to be compliant with the HSIC specification for both USB 2.0 host and USB 2.0 device applications.

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