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SourceDay Expands Its Software to Give Manufacturers & Distributors Greater Control Over Operations

TORREY PINES, California – SourceDay, a pioneer in purchase order management automation software, has enhanced its software as a service offering, providing better information for accountability and planning purposes. The new features are available in the product today for all customers.

The product now includes:

  • Advance ship notification: Vendors can provide notification to their manufacturing and distribution customers immediately upon shipment. SourceDay also now provides standard receiving labels for easier tracking of incoming parts. In addition, SourceDay has integrated data from major freight delivery services to alert customers to updates in shipment status.

  • Split lines: Vendors can now use SourceDay to request purchase orders splits where a single PO line can be split into two or more lines with individual due dates and quantities. This allows vendors to best serve their customers aligning with near term material demands while not impacting their scorecards.

  • Automatic spend approvals: Manufacturers and distributors can assign budgets to individual buyers for immediate approvals up to their spending threshold, and automate approvals for any additional purchases.

  • Vendor scorecard: SourceDay gives customers a vendor summary based on historical data for fast and accurate assessment of performance trends in terms of quality, delivery, cost and more.

“These updates are a direct result of feedback from our customers, who understand better than anyone what SourceDay can do to improve their operations,” Tom Kieley, CEO and co-founder of SourceDay. “Now manufacturers and distributors can make better decisions about their operation knowing what materials will be on hand, how their vendors help or hurt profitability and place a more strategic focus on buying.”

SourceDay manages purchase orders with a web-based platform – freeing manufacturers from hours of email, spreadsheets and phone calls while providing valuable intelligence on vendor relationships and available materials for production. It automates supplier and purchase order communication in one place, with a secure, responsive platform. In addition to the features announced today, SourceDay provides:

  • Real-time buyer-vendor updates

  • Vendor PO acknowledgement

  • Ability to request vendor status updates

  • Tracking of past due POs

  • Alerts for high-priority POs

  • “Hot PO” queue for at-risk items

  • Historical PO communication

  • Real-time automated PO updates

“Manufacturers need to maximize their production without incurring extra costs. The information we provide through these new features is a big step forward in knowing what can be produced and when,” says Clint McRee, COO and co-founder of SourceDay. “Further, purchasing managers can have far more productive, specific and fact-based conversations with buyers and vendors to improve the supply chain in ways that make an important difference in the company’s success.”

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