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Spend Matters Names the Rising Stars, Must-Know Firms in Procurement, Supply Chain Management

Chicago, IL–(Marketwired) –  Spend Matters, the largest provider of independent research and online content written specifically for procurement and supply chain professionals, has released the 2015 Spend Matters Almanac, including the 50 Providers to Watch and 50 Providers to Know lists.

Each year, the Spend Matters analyst team leverages their combined experience and subject matter expertise to develop two lists: 50 to Watch — highlighting interesting, up-and-coming players; and 50 to Know — the tried and true “old guard” technology firms in procurement that everyone should be aware of.

“The 50/50 list is the product of great debate and discussion by all the analysts on the Spend Matters team,” said Jason Busch, Founder and Managing Director, Spend Matters. “It literally takes months, and tons of back and forth. We are thrilled to release our 2015 list and congratulate all of those providers and organizations that made the list. Many of the choices were not easy.”

The 50/50 is an extension of the Spend Matters Almanac, which provides practitioners with a one-stop resource for identifying software firms, outsourcers, data providers, consultants, research firms and similar organizations that serve the procurement and supply chain world. One part analysis, one part business directory, the Almanac is accessed by decision makers from small manufactures to fortune 500 companies, driving growth in the number of firms listed and the categories covered.

“In just over a year since launch, the Spend Matters Almanac has become the most important go-to reference source for those seeking to research the provider community within procurement,” Busch remarked.

Firms interested in being reviewed for next year's list simply need to submit their information to the Almanac. And the best part about it? It's FREE!

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