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Spinnaker Takes a Leadership Role in the Remanufacturing Industries Council

HOUSTON — Spinnaker, the international provider of supply chain consulting and returns management solutions, announced today their membership in the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC). To more actively engage with RIC, Spinnaker will add its extensive marketing experience to RIC's Marketing and Membership Committee. The goal of the committee is to increase awareness of remanufacturing and its benefits and to grow the RIC membership. Paul Adamson, Spinnaker's Director of Business Development and Marketing, joins an esteemed group of RIC committee members led by Chair Bill Schofield, the President of Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. Paul brings an extensive background in returns management and electronic remanufacturing, in addition to extensive experience in marketing and sales starting two of his own companies. This expertise in brand management coupled with reverse logistics knowledge will complement the talent of the RIC Marketing and Membership Committee. Executive Director of RIC, Dr. Derek Guest, commented on Spinnaker's new leadership position in RIC: “We are delighted to have Spinnaker step up and contribute to the Remanufacturing Industries Council by joining the Marketing and Membership Committee. Having a premier management consulting firm on board brings a unique perspective and a broad industry lens related to best practices.”

According to the United States International Trade Commission's most recent report on remanufacturing, the U.S. is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of remanufactured goods in the world. From 2009-2011, production grew by 15 percent bringing the value to the U.S. remanufacturing industry to $43 billion and sustaining 180,000 full-time domestic jobs. Through their lauded remanufacturing initiatives, Spinnaker clients such as Cummins and Alcatel-Lucent are generating economic growth, conserving raw materials, fostering sustainability, and bolstering domestic job creation.

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