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STMicroelectronics Sets the Stage for a More Connected World at IoT World 2018 Santa Clara Convention Hall, Booth #504

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) will exhibit its latest semiconductor solutions for the Internet of Things at IoT World 2018, May 14-17, Santa Clara, CA. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is infrastructure that will connect billions of “smart” things, allowing them to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology and Cloud Computing. From sports aids that monitor performance to traffic lights that switch to keep traffic flowing, these smart things are already re-shaping the world. 
Leveraging a unique “IoT Block Challenge,” ST will showcase numerous solutions at IoT World that combine wide-ranging products and technologies that enable the design of powerful, compact, energy-efficient, secure “smart things” cost-effectively enough to provide new capabilities at scale to help unleash the world’s vast creative potential.
“While IoT devices come in many different form factors, they all require processing and security, sensing and actuating, connectivity, signal conditioning, protection, power and energy management. ST today has all the building blocks, in each of these areas for the IoT,” said Tony Keirouz, VP of IoT Strategy, Ecosystem and Partnerships for STMicroelectronics, and speaker in IoT World’s Keynote Executive Track. “Accelerating the pace of innovation requires an ecosystem of modular hardware and software building blocks that enables the rapid development and prototyping of an ever-expanding range of innovative IoT devices.”
Demonstrations of the ecosystem at work will be centered around ST’s time-tested STM32 MCU and numerous sensors. A User Presence Detection experience highlights the company’s Time-of-Flight sensor, an industrial Predictive-Maintenance display uses an inertial sensor, a Drone motor-control demo shows off the 6-axis inertial module, and the STM32 Ecosystem/IoT – IoT Discovery Kit to AWS/Azure/IBM shows connectivity of Sensor-to-Cloud, among many other interactive and static stations that also reveal the depth and breadth of ST’s solutions for NFC/RFID tags and readers.
ST is also introducing its “Building Block Challenge” to illustrate the Company’s modular approach to the IoT. The object of the challenge is to collect all 13 Lego-like blocks, each representing essential technologies, products, and services necessary for the IoT. Distributed throughout the booth, the blocks encourage visitors to explore all the key aspects of the IoT through demonstrations, as they collect their blocks. When visitors “Master the IoT Build” by collecting all 13 blocks, they will be rewarded with a “Master IoT Builder” badge and a chance to win prizes, including an Oculus Rift, Fitbit Versa, Apple Watch, Lego Mindstorms EV3, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and more.
ST will also hold a Hands-On Workshop, where participants will receive a free STM32L4 Discovery Kit IoT Node and learn how to connect to AWS IoT Core using Amazon FreeRTOS for Embedded Devices. As capacity – and the number of boards available – is limited and will be distributed first-come, first-served basis, attendees should arrive early. The session is Wednesday, May 16, from 12:40 to 3:40pm and each participant will use their free board to experience a guided tour helping to simplifying IoT Cloud Connectivity for Embedded Devices.
For a complete schedule of STMicroelectronics’ participation in presentations and panels, please visit ST’s IoT World 2018 event page:

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