Supply Chain’s Future: A Survey

The supply chain is undergoing quickening change as technology continues to help us optimize various aspects of it along the way.

Additionally, the global economy increasingly survives on the oxygen of the supply chain — so much so that seemingly small disruptions have enormous ripple effects.

As the supply chain becomes more integral to daily life, it's becoming more of a corporate focus and emphasis, not just in large multinational companies that helped pioneer it but small and midsized companies. And it's attracting a new generation of professionals that will alter its dynamics more in the coming years.

But where are we today? What are the pain points? What are the parts of the supply chain that work best? Where do you see need for improvement?

Please take a few minutes to help us understand more about the state of the supply chain by taking a survey we've fielded with Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business.

Your thoughtful responses will help inform how we continue to create content, and you'll be eligible to win an iPad.

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