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TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH 369 Connectors From Mouser Protect Against Dust & Moisture

Mansfield, Texas — Mouser Electronics is now stocking TE Connectivity’s (TE) DEUTSCH 369 series of compact, high-reliability connectors. These connectors are IP67 rated, suitable for environments of extreme dust or high pressure and full submersion in water, and can be easily mated under conditions of limited or no visibility.

The DEUTSCH 369 series of connectors available from Mouser Electronics are suitable for a broad range of harsh applications that demand a high-reliability, compact, cost-efficient solution supported by cable and mating interfaces that are fully sealed against dust and pressurized liquids. Fewer contacts are needed and shielding is unnecessary with 3-, 6-, and 9-contact layouts available. Color-coded keying options quicken and simplify installations and maintenance. Each half of the connector can be configured with male or female contacts, doubling the number of available keying combinations while electrically protecting contacts on the powered-side of the system.

The DEUTSCH 369 series offers aerospace AS39029-qualified contacts that are easily removed and reinserted from the rear of the connector using standard tools. The connectors support blind-mating conditions with the scoop-proof interface preventing damage to contacts and are complemented by a range of accessories including easy-fit backshells.

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