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Texas Instruments Recognized for Sustainability Leadership

DALLAS–Texas Instruments (TI) has been recognized in three notable rankings for its leadership in sustainability, including outstanding social, environmental and governance performance.

According to Rich Templeton, TI's chairman, president and CEO, social and environmental stewardship has been a cornerstone of the company's operations for six decades.

“We're committed to conducting business responsibly, and we take pride in creating technology that helps to make a better world,” Templeton said. “We appreciate the recognition behind these independent rankings.”

TI was honored with three recognitions:

Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for leadership in corporate sustainability.

Inclusion in the new Global 1000 Sustainable Performance Leader Ranking, compiled by CRD Analytics. The comprehensive ranking is compiled using 200 financial, environmental, social, and governance performance metrics. TI ranked 21 overall and number 2 in the industry.

Inclusion in the Global Sustainability 50 Index (Nasdaq: QCRD) for taking a leadership role in sustainability performance reporting. TI ranked 17 overall.


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