The Data Behind the State of American High-Tech Manufacturing

The United States presidential election season, which unfortunately has become a two-year sideshow every four years, has long been a stage for discussions of U.S. jobs. And no discussion of U.S. jobs is complete without serious conversation about the nature of various jobs, and the desire to create more jobs in the manufacturing sector. However, rarely if ever does a candidate, or incumbent, really put much forward in terms of policy other than the perfunctory republican plan to lower corporate tax rates.

Whatever the policies have (or have not been over the past 35 years, it's clear they have done little to slow the decline of U.S. manufacturing.  Click on the image below to start a slideshow of some statistics that tell the story:

A Grim Tale in Five Charts

Although the specific causes, and potential remedies are far from being clear, the story and statistics are crystal clear.  More and more of the United States research and innovation is leading to products that are produce offshore and exported back to the U.S.  

1 comment on “The Data Behind the State of American High-Tech Manufacturing

  1. Richbuyer
    February 9, 2016

    Important article, highlighting massive problems.  But, really? Snarking at any “perfunctory republican plan to lower corporate tax rates.”  One of the few substantive things that any politician stumps for and you belittle it? I'm trying not to read between the lines, including where you bemoan getting away from QE3+ gimmickry, as if  avoiding reality is a solution to our problems. “but everyone else is doing it…!”   “perfunctory!”  Really?! A good start!

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