The Power of Location Based Advertising & In-Store Music

No matter what industry you're in these days, the focus can't just be on creating a quality product, and close attention needs to be given to how you will make the customer actually buy it. In the electronics industry, this statement  holds true and a quality product does not guarantee you success.

If a potential customer is given an offer in sight of your electronics store, it increases the likelihood that they will take you up on it. Location based marketing enables you to give your customers an offer that they can't refuse. If they are near the store and the price is reasonable, the conversion rate in these scenarios is going to be massively above average.

It isn't as easy as simply getting them to your store though – when they arrive they need to feel relaxed – and in-store music can play an important role in that. If the customer feels calm in your store it increases your chances of converting the location based marketing costs in to that all important sale. It's imperative that you don't fall at the last hurdle.

You can find out more about how location based marketing and in-store music can help your store succeed in this info-graphic from The Cube.

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