The Power of Mobile in B2B Commerce

While ecommerce continues to grow among business-to-business (B2B) companies, an important gap still needs to be filled: mobile. According to Forrester, almost half of B2B companies are currently operating without a mobile strategy, and only 18% are able to support a mobile buying experience with their current technology systems. As electronic suppliers become more digitally focused and available, it's essential for B2B companies to keep mobile top-of-mind.

Here are three reasons why B2B should embrace mobile: 

  1. B2B companies are becoming mobile-first. It's more important than ever to embrace mobile or risk falling behind your competitors. In a recent survey of 200 manufacturers, over half indicated a greater investment in mobile strategies within the 5 years. Additionally, 92% of senior executives own a business-specific smart phone, with 77% of executives using it to research a product or service.
  2. The workplace has expanded from the office. No longer is the workplace restricted to the office. Technology has blurred the nine-to-five working standard, and more and more people are beginning to take their work elsewhere. Internet Retailer reports over half of B2B buyers currently use mobile to access B2B sites, showing that people are spending more time working on-the-go. Additionally, 80% of respondents in the IDG Global Mobile Survey report researching products or services for their business on a tablet in the evening. A strong mobile strategy will ensure you are meeting your buyers anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  3. Google search has gone mobile. Over the past few years, mobile search has skyrocketed. In May of 2015, Google reported mobile search queries officially overtook desktop queries. Additionally, Comscore reported mobile search queries will increase by about 20 percent each year. Because of this, Google has updated their search ranking algorithm to include “mobile-friendliness” as a factor, improving rankings for responsive sites and demoting those that are not.

Mobile must be a priority to maximize the impact of a digital strategy. Mobile should be considered the “first screen” for all marketing activities, including your website and landing pages. Responsivity is important for the design, but also for functionality. Consider the checkout process, approval rules and product search on a mobile device, and how your ecommerce solution accounts for that.

Invest in a flexible, cloud-based solution to make the transition to mobile smoother than ever and easily integrate it with your existing technologies, while still accounting for complex supply chains. Mobile matters and should be a priority for B2B businesses for the year ahead.

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