The Problem with Conflicting KPIs in the Supply Chain

Not too many years ago, we relied on newspapers to get our daily news. The only problem was that whatever headlines graced the next morning's paper were typically from the day before. In other words: old news. However, thanks to the Internet, where up-to-the-second news is available 24/7, this is no longer the case; we can now read about what's happening around the world right when the story breaks and follow along as it develops. 

Flickr // Photo by John Ragai

Flickr // Photo by John Ragai

Unfortunately, many companies still abide by old-school ways of reading the news for aggregating their supply chain analytics, rather than integrating the latest technology to know what's going on within their facilities. In other words, they're waiting until tomorrow to read today's report. This can lead to problems with conflicting key performance indicators (KPIs). Yet, if managers and their employees knew what was happening in their facilities' supply chains in real time, they could modify or change their work behavior to perform as needed to positively impact performance and meet or exceed company goals. 

For example, imagine workers at one of your warehouses churning out a specific product, then suddenly orders start coming in for a different piece of merchandise. With intelligent visual signage solutions, managers and their employees can see this shift in requests in real time and alter their workday to accommodate the change. They're able to access their visual supply chain information on what we like to call the “execution level,” which helps increase efficiency. They don't have to wait until reading the next morning's report to see the deviation in orders, thus saving themselves time, the company money, and probably a few headaches, too.  

One way that RMG Networks can help companies keep up with their supply chain's KPIs are with engaging, real-time digital displays positioned strategically throughout facilities in areas where employees can easily view them as they work. These digital signage “scoreboards” can also be accessed on desktops or even remotely via a smartphone or tablet, keeping managers and employees who are working elsewhere in the facility, or off-site, in the loop as well. As workers perform their tasks, their results show up on the displays as soon as they happen for real-time performance monitoring of results. 

It's important that companies have access to tools that let them share information with their workforce while increasing communication and efficiency. By viewing your company's real-time supply chain metrics, you have the critical data you need to keep employees informed up-to-the-minute on current supply chain status for clear and manageable KPIs.

Digital signage solutions also have the added advantage of communicating company messages and announcements. Kudos on a job well done, changing work assignments, important HR notices or safety reminders can all be shared with the same digital signage system in place to monitor real-time performance. 

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