Top 10 Cool Little Gadgets that Got a Kickstarter Push

Truly, every aspect of life has the potential to be improved by the capabilities delivered by piece of electronics hardware. It's this belief that is driving the Internet of Things and wearables revolutions. Further, it's driving innovation in designers worldwide.

We took a look at the most successful gadget project's that appeared (and were fully funded) on Kickstarter in the past year (measured from January 2014 to February 2015.  As the definition of gadget (i.e. a small mechanical device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one) implies, the products in this list cast a wide net to solve a variety of challenges, from the need to track often lost items to creating a candlelit atmosphere with out fear of fire.

Although many of these ideas came out of the heart of the Silicon Valley, ideas from designers all over the world are represented. Each had thousands of supporters and were funded many times over what the designer requested. The best thing about these projects was the low cost of entry for supporters with average funding per person ranging from $50 to $200.

Take a look by clicking on the image below to start the slideshow. Then let us know what gadget you'd like to see in the world in the comments section below.

Top 10 Gadget Projects on Kickstarter

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