Top 10 Hottest EBN Blogs in 2016

For over 45 years, EBN has been informing the electronics industry about all things procurement and supply chain related. This year was no different. Readers were most interested in hearing about the happenings at the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the coolest technology implementations and vertical markets, and the latest technology trends. 

This year, Samsung’s battery fiasco, Apple’s underestimating demand for the new iPhone, and Amazon’s move into logistics all gave our readers plenty to think about. We looked at the thought leadership about sourcing quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) and the latest news on the ups and downs of Flash memory supplies. And, of course, we looked at the shifting geography in the supply chain, as the cost of manufacturing in China rises quickly. We heard from hard-hitting journalists and industry thought leaders this year.

Take a look at the list below to see the most popular topics and blogs from 2016: 

  1. A Peek at the Connected Car Platform Revolution Connected cars are hot–and there's potential to bring all sorts of other connected technologies into the ecosystem.
  2. The State of On-Shoring: The Problem of China : China has had a good run as a low-cost manufacturer with decent product quality, but labor costs have risen drastically over the last decade making the country vulnerable to re-sourcing decisions that take into account the logistics costs and risks associated with long pipelines.
  3. Disney Extends the Magic in the Kingdom with IoT : Disney's Magic Band, a $1 billion undertaking, offers great real-world example of how a company can use IoT to both grow revenue and increase efficiency.
  4. The Unspoken Truth about the Source of PCB Quality Problems : No one really likes to talk about it, but this is the leading cause of product launch missteps and shipping containers full of scrap.
  5. Samsung’s Battery Problems Could Affect Smartphone Supply Chain Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phablets to rectify a battery issue. It's more than a company issue. The impact has the potential to ripple through the battery supply chain.
  6. Samsung & Apple: Living in Interesting Times In the race between Apple and Samsung for market dominance, it's a tough call to say who has the bigger troubles.
  7. Flash has Clearly Won But Can Suppliers Meet Demand?:  Solid state storage hasn't taken the place of every hard drive. It's a complex question about why, but there are several driving forces.
  8. Amazon’s Transformation to Global Third-Party Logistics Provider:  Amazon is extending its behemoth reach from e-commerce into logistics in a bid to service its own needs and increase revenues.
  9. Apple Supply Chain Feels iPhone Pain Slackening demand for Apple’s iconic iPhone is putting pressure on electronics suppliers, while the shortfall in sales growth could also affect component prices.
  10. 5 Ways IPS Can Impact Warehouse Operations Companies that focus on logistics and warehouse management perpetually search for better ways of increasing productivity, cutting costs, and improving safety for both workers and goods.

Let us know what topics you’d like to see next year in the comments section below. 

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