Top 25 Undergraduate Supply Chain Programs

At one point in history, parents wanted their offspring to become doctors or lawyers. In the 1980s, the must-have job was computer programming. Now, however, savvy mothers and fathers may suggest their kids look at training for a job in the supply chain.  Some of the most well known universities in the country offer undergraduate programs to get students started down the supply chain path.

“More U.S. and Canadian universities are unveiling supply chain majors and specializations, or rebranding logistics, transportation and operations research programs as supply chain,” said Dana Stiffler, research vice president at Gartner. “However, a dedicated course in supply chain planning, the core capability family for high-performing supply chain organizations, is taught in fewer than half of participating undergraduate programs. Manufacturing is also in decline, in terms of its representation on course lists. The good news is that most programs provide exposure to logistics, procurement, integrated supply chain, and enabling capabilities.”

In its report of the Top 25 North American Supply Chain Undergraduate University Programs, 2016, research company Gartner compiled its biennial list after considering 51 educational institutions to help chief supply chain officers (CSCOs), heads of supply chain strategy and supply chain HR partners to start focusing on the best schools to aim at when doing university recruiting and offering internship opportunities.

The research company also spotted some other trends. For example, since most supply chain programs sit in the business school, most North American supply chain undergraduate students will be trained in finance and accounting. About 75% will also be trained in technology and analytics.

The study also indicated that gunning to get into a top school is worth it for students.  On average, the starting salary for supply chain undergraduates is $55,749, up from $53,584 in 2014. For those graduating from the top 10 schools, though, that average goes up to $61,590.

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Top 25 Undergraduate Supply Chain Programs

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The possibilities in the field for new students are endless. Although around 108,900 supply chain managers currently work in the United States, the discipline is expected to grow 26% in demand for these professionals by 2020, according to job recruiting site LookSharp.

Take a look at the list and let us know if your school made the grade in the comments section below.

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