Top Manufacturing Companies: Revenue per Employee

Revenue per employee, calculated by dividing a company’s revenue by their current number of employees, is one of the most effective ways of determining the success of a company. Ultimately, companies are looking to have the highest revenue per employee as possible, as this illustrates high efficiency levels and productivity rates. 

So which company is leading the way in terms of revenue per employee in the manufacturing industry? And how much money are consumer electronics companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Panasonic really making per employee?

Well, Vero Solutions has taken a look into how much revenue companies in the manufacturing industry are making per year against the number of employees they have. Using a seedlist of the top manufacturing companies in the world, we looked at each company’s revenue figures from 2017 and compared this to their most recent figure for their number of employees. By dividing the revenue figure by number of employees, this shows us how much each employee is worth. Data was taken from each company’s website where available. If not available, figures from Forbes were used.

Leading the way is Cardinal Health, with 50,000 employees and a revenue figure of $2,544,600 per employee; a relatively small number of employees, compared to many of the other manufacturing companies featured in the interactive graphic. Click on each category to see companies sorted alphabetically, and based upon highest and lowest revenue. 

In huge contrast, Apple currently has the lowest revenue per employee, ranking 25th with a revenue of $108,740 per employee. Considering the company has an employee count of around 2,000,000, it’s no surprise that they’re at the bottom of the rankings. Their rival Samsung, however, ranks far higher with a huge revenue per employee of $1,866,952, coming in second overall.

When it comes to consumer electronics companies, Samsung is leading the way followed closely by Hewlett Packard, with a revenue of $992,857 per employee. However, at the other end of the spectrum, Asian contract manufacturer Foxconn currently comes second to Apple in terms of lowest revenue per employee, generating $135,150 per person and Siemens ($234,350 per employee) and Panasonic ($258,452) rank in fourth and sixth lowest place respectively.

How much is each employee worth at your company?

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  1. RituGupta
    August 19, 2018

    I think using this method to get a rough estimate on the overall company revenue is a good formula. This is because the bigger the business operations that need to be run, the bigger the headcount would be. This is the common practice so it is somewhat fair throughout various industries since everyone is doing the same thing to derive with a common variable.

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