Traffic Deaths: Technology is at Fault

It happened in less than one second. I saw the car coming directly at me on my side of the road. I swerved onto the side flower bed, but still I was hit by this car coming in the opposite direction. He hit my driver side toward the end of my car, spinning my car around. Luckily, I was not injured. But only because I instinctively swerved. Of course, the car appears to be a wreck.

The other driver never saw me, stopping only after hitting my car. He continued some 25 m down the street. He also was not injured and came walking back to me apologizing. He said that he was distracted. Distracted I said…”you could have killed us!”

Inconveniences of an auto accident
Now 1 week later, after reflecting on this accident and all the attendant inconveniences—like police report, insurance forms, collision repair shop interactions, as well as the non-use of my automobile—some pressing thoughts concern me.

First, I'm convinced the other driver was texting and totally involved in that activity, not in his driving. A very selfish thing to do when human life is at risk. I tried to get the insurance company to check on this, but they told me that they were not able to run a phone log. Unless I pursue this legally, his selfishness goes unpunished.

The complex safety of new cars
New cars are safer, but much more complex than their predecessors. When purchasing a new car, the dealer told me that it takes three hours to go through the vehicle with the buyer. Why? Mostly because the entertainment/navigation/media display/voice recognition/programmable functions are like teaching how to use a computer with several applications. And he said this is just the start.

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2 comments on “Traffic Deaths: Technology is at Fault

  1. piltar
    January 5, 2017

    You make a very good point. Technology has its strengths and weaknesses. We have to be careful !

  2. UdyRegan
    August 6, 2018

    I certainly think that there is a very big part that humans have to play in accidents to you know. I mean where do you think all the negative energy from road rage and angriness on the road goes to! I'm pretty sure that all of the collective negative energy goes into creating pile ups on the highway. People need to be in better check of their emotions and perhaps that's where automation could have the upper hand on manual driving.

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