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Transportation Insight Presents Next-Level Enterprise Analytics to American Manufacturing Leaders

HICKORY, N.C. — Globally-recognized enterprise third-party logistics (3PL) provider Transportation Insight will demonstrate the transformative integration of two enterprise improvement disciplines at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) International Excellence Inside Conference in Jacksonville, FL from November 10-14. By marrying best-in-class supply chain analytics and Big Data business intelligence solutions with its Extended LEAN® continuous improvement methodology for the supply chain, the 3PL brings a unique perspective to measuring enterprise improvement. The implementation of these best practices results in marked increases in end-to-end supply chain productivity and direct value creation for end customers.

“Transportation Insight continues to move beyond traditional supply chain initiatives to provide multi-faceted solutions that advance network optimization and enable proactive decision-making for clients who are looking to leverage the massive amount of data that they generate,” says Chris Baltz, Transportation Insight President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have architected an industry-leading data model and fully integrated it with Extended LEAN thinking to become a key resource for data management, supply chain design and continuous improvement methods that companies can use as a distinct competitive advantage in today's hyper-competitive global marketplace.”

Transportation Insight will demonstrate the power of Extended LEAN across complex global supply chains by creating a value stream map of a company's end-to-end supply chain, from raw material supplier to end customer. This map of the entire enterprise and its many moving parts shows the importance of a tightly aligned network between all supply chain components to improve their ability to sustain competitive advantage. “By combining our vast supply chain analytical expertise with the Extended LEAN thought process, we are meshing industry-leading tools from two disciplines that many people do not associate with each other,” says Transportation Insight Vice President of Client Services and Continuous Improvement Eric Lail, the creator of the Extended LEAN methodology. “We work with our clients to visualize the current state of their entire supply chain from a data perspective. Then, we apply LEAN principles to that picture to help these companies validate the areas where their business is doing well and uncover opportunities for improvement that may have otherwise never been discovered. All of this occurs while keeping the needs and demands of the customer at the forefront, true to traditional LEAN principles.”

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