Trump Needs to Embrace Industrial Revolution

During the recent US presidential campaign, most press coverage of the now president-elect Donald Trump was focused on his constant stream of controversial comments, his attacks on opponents — especially on Hillary Clinton — and his style of communication at public appearances, and on social media.

The main policy issues Trump touched on during the campaign got little attention.

But industrial jobs policy is important for many millions of Trump supporters, especially the ones who lost their jobs in the Rust Belt when factories downsized or closed completely over the past two decades.

“The message from Mr. Trump that captivated the Carrier workers — keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States after decades of losses to overseas factories and automation — resonated throughout the Rust Belt,” writes Nelson D. Schwartz in The New York Times . “That promise, plus his opposition to pacts like the North American Free Trade Agreement, were key reasons he was able to edge out Hillary Clinton in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.”

Decaying factory (Image: Micheal Gaida, Pixabay)

Decaying factory (Image: Micheal Gaida, Pixabay)

There are many reasons why those industries had to lay off factory workers, not all because manufacturing moving to Asia, Mexico or another country with cheaper labor. Many people lost their job because of the financial crisis, and others because their employers could not compete in an industrial market that is using technology to increase efficiency.


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