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TSMC VerifiesTaiwan’s Semiconductor Footprint

HSINCHU, Taiwan — TSMC (NYSE: TSM) today announced that it led 15 supplier partners in jointly completing Taiwan’s first semiconductor supply chain carbon footprint verification. The project was completed with assistance from the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), and is part of the IDB’s “Semiconductor Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Assistance and Promotion Plan”. It follows TSMC’s successful completion of the IDB’s “Supply Chain Carbon Inventory Assistance Plan” in June 2009.

In this project, TSMC led 15 supplier partners to verify the carbon emissions of integrated circuit (IC) products produced by wafer fabs and packaging and testing facilities according to the PAS2050 standard. The manufacturing process was examined in great detail, going as far as emissions for each layer of an IC product, and final data was further verified by a third party. This project not only set records in terms of the number of participating companies and level of detail, it also shows that Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain is actively carrying out the government’s carbon reduction policies and answering the global call for product carbon footprint labeling and eco-labeling. The results of this project will help the semiconductor industry establish the capability to provide carbon footprint and eco-labels to satisfy the future requirements of customers and consumers.

“As we face the challenges of global climate change, energy conservation and carbon reduction, TSMC will continue to collaborate with our suppliers, share our experience in cutting emissions, and do our part to protect the environment and fight global warming.” said TSMC Senior Vice President Dr. Stephen Tso.

Participants in this project include Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., Taisil Electronic Materials Corp., Air Products Co., Air Liquide Far Eastern, United Industrial Gases Co., BOCLH Industrial Gases Co., Siliconware Precision Industries Co., BASF Electronic Materials Taiwan, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Taiwan, Cabot Microelectronics Corp., Dow Electronic Materials Co., Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corp., ProsperChem Inc., Topco Quartz Products Co., and Ardentec Corp. Each company has completed personnel training, facility inventory and on-site surveys, data compilation and calculation, as well as checks for data accuracy. Third-party verification was completed at the end of January 2011.

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