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TTI Launches Videos Featuring ‘The Specialist’

FORT WORTH, Texas — With the release of four cleverly produced co-op product videos TTI’s popular advertising campaign featuring The Specialist continues.

In this phase, The Specialist brings his style and panache to the job of introducing the newest and most exciting products from TTI’s suppliers.

As the videos unfold viewers are taken to the secret lair of the NPI Labs where a flurry of R&D activity to develop top-notch gadgetry and weaponry is taking place. The Specialist is greeted by Secret Agent T and is briefed on the latest and greatest products and technology TTI’s featured suppliers have to offer.

The videos feature two distinct product formats. In the first, The Specialist does a quick pitch of the features and benefits of a new product and in the second, a longer video format is used to provide a more in-depth look at the participating supplier’s new product or technology.

Stay tuned as the action unfolds and be sure to follow The Specialist online at:

{complink 12888|TTI Inc.}

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