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TÜV Rheinland & GreenSoft Technology Partner

BOSTON, Mass. & SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. — TUV Rheinland has entered into an agreement with GreenSoft Technology, Inc. where the global certification company will have access to GreenSoft’s environmental compliance data collection service, including its multi-million-part database, to provide RoHS and REACH services to its clients. This agreement is expected to lower the cost and speed the certification process for electronics manufacturers seeking to be in compliance with constantly evolving worldwide environmental regulations and directives.

To meet regulatory directives such as REACH and RoHS, as well as the requirements established by large original equipment manufacturers, electronics manufacturers often have to manage the documentation of the parts they receive from suppliers. Gathering and assessing the data as required is a significant undertaking.

“Electronics manufacturers face major challenges when it comes to green regulations,” said Geoffrey Bock, TUV Rheinland’s Business Development Manager of Green Initiatives. “To be compliant, they need Full Material Declaration (FMD) from every one of their suppliers, including built-to-spec suppliers, and for each of their component parts. While this task is daunting enough, it is further complicated by constantly changing requirements. TUV Rheinland’s access to GreenSoft’s proven data collection process means our clients already have most of their needs covered. We can then test their remaining parts and advise them about substitutions for non-compliant parts. This will save them significant time and money and allow them to sell their products worldwide. Our Compliance Platform allows OEMs to manage hazardous material content in their complete product line-up.” Managing data has become just as important as collecting data. TUV Rheinland’s proprietary software system titled, ‘TUVRheinland Compliance Platform’ is a platform used to manage and store all data related to each part number. Rolling up a Bill of Materials (BOM) to different component levels, product levels and even individual materials is key for such issues as reporting on recycled content (IEEE 1680), REACH (tonnage limits), and RoHS including exemptions.

“We are very particular about the organizations with which we choose to partner,” said Steve Schonebaum, Sales and Marketing Director for GreenSoft. “TUV Rheinland’s established presence as an independent testing, assessment and certification provider and the leadership role they have assumed in environmental initiatives makes them an ideal partner. We are looking forward to working with them as we help electronics manufacturers meet the growing demand for greener products.

In addition to RoHS and REACH services, other Green Solution services offered by TUV Rheinland include WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) testing to Directive 2002/96/EC; Eco efficiency; chemical analysis, to define the harmful substance within clothing, toys and other consumer goods and environmental media; and energy efficiency testing.

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