U.S Withdraws Apple Case

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The U.S. Department of Justice has withdrawn its law suit trying to force Apple Inc. to help it access data on an iPhone used by a shooter in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. The hard work of drawing a line between law enforcement and privacy remains ahead.

In a single-page document filed Monday, a U.S. attorney requested the court order be vacated. “The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on Farook’s [Syed’s] iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple Inc.,” it said.

A wide swath of the tech community from AT&T to Twitter backed Apple with amicus briefs in support of its position. Both U.S, President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently made the government’s case in public appearances in tech capitals of Austin and San Francisco, respectively.

It’s not clear whether the government accessed the iPhone’s data through a new or existing technique. A representative of the Justice Department was not immediately available for comment.

One DoJ spokesperson was quoted in a story by the New York Times :

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