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Update Your Knowledge With Mouser’s Updated Audio Applications Site

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. has announced a significant update to their Audio Applications Site. This updated applications site provides both new and experienced developers with a resource to learn more about audio circuits and systems, including components such as amplifiers, data converters, and codecs.

The enhanced Audio Applications Site on has several significant new additions that help developers improve their knowledge and assist in product selection of audio components and systems. A new Product Selector section allows developers to select from a broad portfolio of audio components and development tools. Each component selected provides a brief explanation of the component and its importance in an audio application. Links to additional components are provided where developers can view datasheets and product availability.

Developers can learn from new audio applications block diagrams and also find drop‑in compatible parts for some audio equipment. The Featured Products section has also been updated with six of the latest new technologies relevant to today’s audio hobbyist or engineer, including guitar plugs and audio processors.The Articles section now features many new articles, including an entertaining history of audio technology with past specifications and block diagrams. An analysis of today's audio systems is offered along with some predictions of where high-resolution audio may be headed. The Technical Resources section has also been expanded. Developers can now sort by application segment, system category, type of resource, and component manufacturer, allowing developers to quickly find application notes and videos useful for quickly finishing their projects.

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