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US Smartphone Market Set to Heat Up

Strategy Analytics analysis of the US smartphone market shows that with Microsoft’s assistance, Nokia can be expected to recover its recent market share losses. Samsung will make even stronger market share gains.

The Strategy Analytics Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) service predicts that Nokia’s smartphone market share in the US can rebound to 10 percent by 2015, with strong marketing support from Microsoft. Samsung’s smartphone share is forecast to grow even more impressively, to 21 percent, over the next 4 years. Both scenarios are discussed in the report, “A Third Ecosystem in the US: Samsung still set for growth, but what role for WP7?”

While Nokia embarks on its recovery in the US, Samsung’s operator relationships, existing overall handset share of 30% and proven experience with Android and Microsoft, all point to substantial smartphone share growth.

Tom Kang, Service Director for the Strategy Analytics Wireless Smartphone Strategies service (WSS), said, “Samsung has established a good track record in the US and is poised for further growth in smartphone market share. Samsung can also choose the best balance between Android and WP7 for its products.”

Martin Bradley, Associate Director, added, “Samsung can benefit from the enhanced WP7 ecosystem arising from the Microsoft / Nokia partnership in the US. However, if Microsoft’s support to Nokia is highly effective in improving Nokia’s share, Samsung could consider a more targeted approach for WP7 within its portfolio. Microsoft marketing dollars can determine the economics of operating system choices for vendors in the WP7 ecosystem.”

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4 comments on “US Smartphone Market Set to Heat Up

  1. saranyatil
    March 19, 2011

    Amoung consumer goods the emerging market is in Smart phones,  so many players rendering in this market are giving tough competetion to one another. the fight between Ipone and samsung's galaxy is already on, along with motorola's atrix, LG and many more to the list. now this automatically tempts the consumers and People in US are gadget lovers and they always want to have the new upgrades of all their devices. this market is paving way for lot of innovations and new applications beeing developed in order to sustain their consumers and also ceate a new barnd image in this space.

  2. Wale Bakare
    March 20, 2011

    In the market of smartphone we shall continue to see innovations upscaling demand from the users perspective. Meanwhile, the competition shall lead to consumerisation of technology as it is.

    In addition, soonest we shall experience innovations grow to real opportunity within the context of virtualization and security.

    1 Virtualization – very recently VMware exhibited a prototype handset which is expected to run on designed Windows Phone 7 in parallel with an Android OS. Amongst the smartphone makers, LG has already commenced work on this aspect – VMware and LG have sealed an agreement for virtualization software to be introduced to LG's handsets. Impressively, what dimmension will this take smartphone markets to? already competition in the world of smartphone is very strong.

    2 Security – issues and concern over security of smartphones have not really been tackled or keen focus on security of smartphones from the users' perspective hasn't been met by smartphone makers. RIM – Blackberry maker appears to be the only smatphone maker earned itself kudos on this. RIM has an end-to-end security application experience. The question now is, can virtualization creates a different approach to the markets or make a way for solving security problem of smartphones?


  3. maou_villaflores
    March 31, 2011

    In a fast pace enviroment I guess people will be more relying in smartphones in the future. The demand for smartphone will not only heat-up in the US but globally as more technology is now more accessible using this high-end cellphones and the faster you can get the information the better.

  4. SP
    March 31, 2011

    Nokia with MS assistance. What a combination. I guess its to fight against Apple.

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