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US Tech Sector: 140,000 Companies; Nearly $1.2 Trillion in Sales

DUBLIN — Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Technology Sector” report to their offering.

The technology sector in the US includes more than 140,000 companies with combined annual revenue of nearly $1.2 trillion. Major companies include AT&T, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft. Industry concentration is high in many segments: the largest 50 participants often generate more than 60 percent of segment revenue.

The technology sector includes telecommunications, IT services, semiconductor manufacturing, software, Internet services, biotechnology, and scientific research, including aerospace research. Related manufacturing industries covered in separate profiles include aerospace products and parts, computer hardware, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications equipment.

Competitive landscape
Demand often depends on the income of consumers or the profitability of business customers, because many technology products and services are expensive. The profitability of individual companies is driven by their ability to develop and market new products. Large companies often have advantages in access to capital and marketing. Small companies can compete successfully if they have expertise in a particular field of knowledge. The industry is capital-intensive: average annual revenue per worker is more than $300,000. Products, operations and technology
Companies in the technology sector take advantage of scientific discoveries and turn them into marketable products. Of the several distinct fields within the technology sector, most are based on computer technology. Even biotech and aerospace rely heavily on computers.

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1 comment on “US Tech Sector: 140,000 Companies; Nearly $1.2 Trillion in Sales

  1. elctrnx_lyf
    December 14, 2010

    It is true that mot of the industries are actually based on the computer technology, but aside this there lot of essential services. These include something like energy, infrastructure and communications. We will see more growth coming from these sectors in the coming future. I wonder why this article doesn’t cover such sectors?

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