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Vishay Hosts 3DTV Webinar

MALVERN, Pa. — A video webinar detailing how infrared receivers work in 3DTV active shutter glasses was recently added to the website of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH). The infrared receiver is used in 3DTV glasses where it receives a synchronization signal from the 3D television set and opens and closes LCD shutters in each lens of the glasses to create the stereoscopic 3DTV effect.

Vishay's TSOP75D25 and TSOP35D25 infrared receivers were developed specifically for the LCD shutter glasses application. The receivers operate on a carrier frequency of 25 kHz, which is lower than that used by standard remote control systems and thus helps avoid possible interference from TV and set-top box remote controls.

To further avoid the possibility of interference, the TSOP75D25 and TSOP35D25 are designed to receive the 3D synchronization signals from an 830 nm or 850 nm emitter, rather than on the 940 nm wavelength used by remote control emitters for TVs and set-top boxes. Like all of Vishay's IR receivers, the TSOP75D25 and TSOP35D25 feature the best available suppression of optical noise from compact fluorescent lights, LCD backlights, and plasma panels.

The TSOP75D25 and TSOP35D25 integrate a photodiode, amplifier, automatic gain control, band pass filter, demodulator, and control IC into a single tiny package, which helps minimize the weight of 3DTV active glasses, while their ultra-low current consumption maximizes the battery life. Because these new IR receivers receive modulated synchronization signals versus baseband signals, a single emitter can be used in the TV to achieve a synchronize transmit distance of more than 26 meters.

The TSOP75D25 and TSOP35D25 are surface mount devices that can be mounted in a side or top view. They both have a viewing angle of 50 degrees, which allows for significant head movement without signal loss. The TSOP75D25 measures 2.3 mm x 3.0 mm x 6.8 mm and has dual lenses while the TSOP35D25 measures 4.0 mm x 5.3 mm x 7.5 mm and has a single lens.

The 3DTV active glasses webinar can be viewed at Follow Vishay infrared receivers at

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