Walmart Partners with Reshoring Initiative as Made in USA Gets Real

The Reshoring Initiative is partnering with Walmart to help retailers and suppliers manufacture more of their consumer products in the US. Walmart has committed to increase its purchases of US-made goods by $50 billion annually by January 2023. The Reshoring Initiative is a nonprofit group that promotes reshoring efforts in the US and globally.

Walmart supercenter. (Source:

Walmart supercenter. (Source:

In 2013, Walmart announced a program to buy $250 billion of US goods over ten years, but the initiative gained momentum with the second Made in USA Open Call by the world's biggest retailer on July 7-8 in Bentonville, Ark. The event was a repeat effort to increase the amount of US-made products the company sells at its Walmart stores, at Sam’s Club members-only wholesale outlets, and on The company has created a US manufacturing website specifically designed to help its suppliers make the shift to US production.

The partnership with the Reshoring Initiative is designed to support Walmart's suppliers as they revamp their production to the US. The nonprofit has created a collection of resources that Walmart suppliers can use as they shift to domestic production.

With Walmart committed to a decade-long effort, the Reshoring Initiative calculates the overall impact of the retailer's program will be the addition of 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the US. “The most manufacturing jobs anyone else — such as GM or GE — could bring back is about 10,000 jobs,” Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative, told Design News .

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