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Who’s in Nokia’s N8 Mobile Phone?

Curious about who supplied what for Nokia Corp.’s newest mobile handset, the N8, which the company is positioning as a major competitor to Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4? Here’s our compilation of the list from iSuppli Corp.'s teardown of the N8 and the components contributed:

  1. AMOLED Display from {complink 4751|Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.} Mobile Display
  2. Touch screen controller IC from {complink 9275|Synaptics Inc.}
  3. Memory from {complink 5648|Toshiba Corp.}
  4. OneNAND memory and mobile DDR DRAM from {complink 4751|Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.}
  5. Digital baseband processor from {complink 5703|Texas Instruments Inc.}
  6. Mobile multimedia processor chip from {complink 831|Broadcom Corp.}
  7. Analog baseband/power management chip from {complink 5703|Texas Instruments Inc.}
  8. Bluetooth/wireless local area network IC from Murata
  9. GPS device and audio power amplifier from {complink 5703|Texas Instruments Inc.}
  10. RF transceiver, RF power management IC and power reset device from {complink 12153|ST-Ericsson}
  11. Power amplifier from Renesas Electronics Corp.}
  12. Electronic compass from AKM Semiconductor
  13. MEMS accelerator from {complink 5218|STMicroelectronics NV}

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