Why Whole Chain Visibility is Important for Keeping Score

Imagine watching a basketball game—or any sporting event for that matter—without any scoreboards. The task of keeping track of the current score is one thing, but what if you had to remember the number of fouls for each team (or player) or how many seconds are left on the shot clock? And did I mention that you had to constantly relay this data back to everyone else in the arena? Not only is this a poor use of one's time and energy, but there's also plenty of room for errors.

Photo illustration via Flickr / by Valerie Everett

Photo illustration via Flickr / by Valerie Everett

Now picture the same scenario, but this time, inside a company's distribution center. Surprisingly, many companies still rely on archaic methods of merchandise tracking when they can just as easily implement a series of intelligent visual solutions or scoreboards to help keep track of distribution center activity in real time across multiple facilities using whole chain visibility.

Digital signage platforms are intelligent. They are sophisticated systems designed to gather and display information in real time. When you have real-time data, you can make real-time decisions. And by “you,” I mean everyone from managers to line workers. It's visibility for everyone.

Now, imagine improving your supply chain efficiency by up to 20%.

When companies provide a scoreboard for their teams, they can visualize and monitor metrics, both individually and across the entire team or facility, giving employees insights into what matters most at the precise moment. This readily available data allows employees to make critical decisions to improve productivity without having to wait for instructions from a manager or supervisor, thus saving time spent on tasks. These visual displays keep everyone informed and on the same page, helping bridge the gap between people and data.

The easy-to-read digital signage solutions allow for whole chain visibility or information sharing across multiple departments and facilities. For example, say your company has warehouses in multiple states. With this specific technology, you can access supply chain data for all of these warehouses in real time from your tablet or cell phone and see what each facility is shipping or producing at that moment. Having this information available at your fingertips not only improves information flow between multiple sectors, but it also helps increase your company's efficiency on a larger scale.

Let us know in the comments section below how you let your team know about actionable data. What's your strategy to staying ahead of the competition?

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