Will iPhone 6 Production Problems Hurt Availability?

Apple's iPhone manufacturing partners are struggling to produce displays for the upcoming iPhone 6 after a last-minute design change caused widespread delays. The disruption may impact the number of devices available at launch, say supply chain sources, and could even delay the launch altogether. If this type of FUD didn't show up just before the launch of every iPhone, it might be cause for real concern.

It's late August, many people are on vacation, and real news in the tech space is rather thin. With Apple's iPhone 6 launch expected to take place in mere weeks, it's no surprise that “persons familiar with the matter” and other nefarious insiders come out of the woodwork to fill the news vacuum with rumor and smoke and mirrors. This time around, some big mouths in Apple's supply chain say there's a real problem with the display.

As Reuters explains it, the hiccup took place in June and July. Apple initially decided to use one backlight instead of two backlights in the iPhone 6's display in order to make it thinner. Upon inspection, however, Apple determined that one backlight didn't provide enough illumination. This forced it to go back to the drawing board to redesign the display to accommodate the second backlight. This disrupted production by idling plants while they waited for the new specs.

For the full story, see EBN sister site InformationWeek .

— Eric Zeman is a freelance writer who covers the mobile and wireless industry for InformationWeek.

4 comments on “Will iPhone 6 Production Problems Hurt Availability?

    August 27, 2014

    So the phone battery will not last as long (2 backlights now) and the delays will serve only to increase the Apple feeding frenzy.

  2. Nemos
    August 27, 2014

    Although it is not fair or nice to have a conclusion before read the whole article from the other hand when I read the first lines of the title my thought was “Apple is trying to create again a “fake” demand , a marketing tool to rise up the sales.”

  3. Himanshugupta
    August 27, 2014

    Any news is great for Apple iPhone sale. If there are production problems with iPhone6 then people will only probably go mad to get their hands on the first batch of the devices. There will be tusnami of iPhone fans at apple stores.

  4. _hm
    August 28, 2014

    That is wonderful news to know. This is how deisgn process must progress. Availability and delay in launch is secondary. First and foremost, product should be prefect and all parties involved must be statisfied.

    Three salutes to Apple designers. Thres is lot to learn for deisgn team like Microsoft, Google and Amazon – not to give substandard product to end user.

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