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Worldwide EMS Industry To Post Double-Digit Growth Through 2014

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. — Despite economic setbacks in 2009, the world market for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is returning to double-digit growth, according to a study recently released by IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

The global EMS study, 2009–2010 Analysis and Forecast for the EMS Industry, presents data and analysis on the EMS industry, examining critical trends and providing forecasts and potential for market expansion.

The EMS sector was the last in the electronics supply chain to feel the impact of the global recession and the last to rebound in 2010. As the world's economies recover, the global EMS market is projected to grow at an annual average rate of 12.2 percent through 2014, based on a forecast provided for this report by New Venture Research Corp. (NVR), formerly Electronic Trend Publications. IPC's own forecast of assembly market growth in North America projects a spike of 28 percent in 2010 as recovery takes hold, and a return to more normal growth of 12 percent in 2011.

The study provides general business metrics on the sample of 95 EMS operations that participated in the annual survey by region, including North America, Europe and Asia, along with trends in sources of revenue, revenue per employee, services offered, markets served, manufacturing technology, capital investment, spending on equipment and materials, and market size. In addition, the study highlights major end markets for EMS activity by region.

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