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WPG HIts Record Sales High

TAIPEI — WPG, the largest distributor of semiconductor components in Asia, reported December 2010 consolidated sales of NT$26.3 billion, represented an increase of 44% over previous year; 2010 fourth quarter revenue reached NT$70.1 billion, with 31% growth rate over 2009; 2010 sales of NT$257.2 billion, increased 31% in comparison with 2009. Among above, the monthly, quarter and annual sales numbers all broke group records, WPG has been working and focusing on profitability improvement rather than revenue growth, driven by the synergy of mergers and acquisitions, the operating margin of the fourth quarter 2010 would be in-line with expectations.

The sales were benefited by the continuous demand in 3C applications, such as iPad, iPhone, 2.5G/ 3G smart phones, Tablet PC, LCD TV, in addition with the new application product areas in new energy, like LED, solar wafer and industrial electronics. Upon the macro environment and support from the government, these will be the drivers to the sales growth engine in the future.

The sales breakdowns by regions of WPG are 78% from China (incl. HK), 14% from Taiwan, 6% from ASEAN and 2% from others.

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  1. hwong
    January 22, 2011

    I really hope that the good times in Asia and other countries will help the U.S. economy. Our current economy still needs alot of boost in order for more people to get jobs and get out of the rut. We need to be able to add more jobs nin order for people to come out of the short sale and foreclosure real estate market. The semiconductor industry in Asia is good news if that means our Semiconductor company will make more money and employ more folks.

    Otherwise, we don't know what that really means to us.

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