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X-Fab Hosts Webinar on Reliable Design

ERFURT, Germany — X-FAB Silicon Foundries, the leading foundry group in analog/mixed-signal semiconductor applications known for its expertise in “More than Moore” technologies, will present an hour-long webinar next week entitled, “Design for Reliability – How Process and Design Work Together to Enable Robust Technologies.” This free webinar focuses on reliability as a critical performance factor for semiconductor technologies. It delves into the physics behind wear-out mechanisms to provide a technical base for modeling and predicting reliability at the component and circuit levels. It also describes the physical phenomena that can lead to device degradation during circuit operation, and shows how to deduce reliability models for CMOS technologies. These models apply to multiple analog/mixed-signal processes; they can be used for design optimization (“Design for Reliability”) to enable very robust products, and for reliability risk assessment for advanced operating conditions such as high temperature and high voltage. Attendees will hear about the most relevant failure mechanisms in CMOS technologies and learn practical design techniques to enable:

  • reliability risk assessment based on aging models; and
  • sufficient robustness margins per design optimization.
  • Online webinar; registration links:
    For Europe & Asia:
    For North & South America: {complink 12963|X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG}

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